Matt Macudff


An innovator…

Matt Macudff is a professional Mountain Bike athlete with a career much different to most of his peers. He doesn’t ride a dirt jump bike with brakes and travel from one slopestyle event to the next. Rather, Matt has chosen to express himself through street/park riding on his brakeless bike. Consistently producing web content and pushing the limits on his bike, Matt has established himself as an innovative rider in the sport. Matt’s innovation reach an all time high in 2016 when he attempted the ‘Loop of Doom’, a 40 foot loop that he attempted to ride on his bike. Unfortunately, Matt was not successful in this attempt, but, he has recovered and continues to push the limits of what is possible on a mountain bike. Follow the links below for more of Matt’s content:


“Loop of Doom”

“Red Bull: MTN Mods EP1”


“Shutting down Barcelona”