The idea for ‘Passion’ began in the summer of 2017…

I (Peter Jamison) was a 17 year old living in a tent at Highland Mountain Bike Park following my dreams. Up until this point, my understanding of Freeride Mountain Biking was restricted to what I could find on the web. I would watch the same ‘Behind the Scenes’ videos over and over attempting to understand what is it like to be a professional Freeride athlete. Then, in July, 2017 I had the opportunity to witness Nic Hilton and Reed Boggs attempting to learn flat drop backflips for the first time. Watching their process changed my perspective of Freeride and inspired me to make a film about the lives that these Freeride athletes live.




 Making a Film is not FRee…

After dreaming of the initial concept for the film, there was an 8 month period before I began to start filming. In those months I contacted the athletes who I ideally wanted to be in the film and spent most of my time thinking of how financially I could pull off creating a full length documentary. My first thought was to pitch the concept to the athletes’ sponsors and get the funding through those avenues. However, after months of creating pitches I came to a realization: for the majority of 2018 I would be around the cast of the film for other projects and thus I wouldn’t need to travel separately to film for the documentary. Now with my travels covered by other projects, the other major expense to sort out was music licensing. Thankfully I became aware of the ‘Art List’ which is a membership based licensing service. For only a few hundred dollars you gain access to their entire library and each download has a perpetual license. With these two major expenses largely covered, I decided to self fund my first film.



February 2018…

After months of planning and budgeting, February 2018 was the first month that I began to intentionally shoot for my film. Shooting began with numerous sessions with Nicholi at Rye Airfield and then immediately was followed up by traveling to Ray’s MTB Park to film with David Lieb just a week later. At this point in the filming process, I was still a full time High School student so I was constantly skipping days to shoot and making the most of vacations. After these shoots in February, my next opportunity to shoot was during spring break when I travelled to Virgin, Utah to film with Ethan and Reed. Then, in June I graduated from school and was able to fully focus on filming. For the months of June and July I lived at Highland to film with Reed, Matt, David, and Nicholi. At this point I had the majority of my shooting completed and began the editing process toward the middle of July. Going into Crankworx Whistler (August 18th), the last time I planned to film for the movie, I had a rough draft of the film done and was looking forward to gathering the rest of the footage. As it turned out, Nicholi wrote an amazing ending to his segment and I finished editing the film over the weeks following Crankworx Whistler.